City Directories

List heads of households

1864 Hutchinson's

This is the earliest one, at least at PANL. Only one Dalton listed in the area: Dalton, Walter, farmer, George's town. No Curtis listed in George's town. The only Garretts that are heads of households listed are: Garrett Christopher and Garrett Dooley. The business directory lists exactly one OIL CLOTHING MANUFACTORY: McDougall, Neil, Barnes' Lane, George's town.

1885-1886 Sharpe's

Found on-line. Lists:

This would be down the road. However, the insurance map from 1880-1889 shows no houses between #28 and #42, so most likely the number is an error, or a result of a different numbering scheme. See the 1914 entry.

1890 Might's

The 1885 directory lists "Duder Edwin, merchant, 351 to 355 Water street".

1894-97 McAlpine's

Found this entry on-line.

1897 Devine and Omara's

Found this entry on-line.

1898 McAlpine's

On-line version lists:

1904 McAlpine's

"S" entry has three people living at 16 McDougall:

The McDougall St. listing shows George Smith at #16. The 1913 employers of George and William have the following entries for this year:


Maureen Power looked up this one. I don't have exact transcriptions or information about the directory. Entries for Smith show three listings at 36 McDougall:

The lack of an employment listing for George J might mean that he was no longer working.