Notes on the deeds from my lawyer, 1994. This is all transcribed from handwritten notes--really atrocious handwriting.

There's more notes on conveyances and sales, then this earliest one:

Then recitals:

  1. Crown Grant June 19, 1844 to Marg .Dalton
    V. 2AT-255 # 336 [this line might belong to the conveyance above]
  2. land became vested in Garrett Curtis husband of Marg. Dalton.
  3. Convey from Garrett Curtis to Garrett Dalton - Aug 9, 1873.
  4. Convey from Garrett Dalton to George J. Smith - Aug 19, 1873.
  5. June 14, / 1882 lease to George J. Smith for 50 yrs from Aug[?] 1 / 1882 renewed in perpetuity (17.00)
  6. George J. Smith died - letters of Adm. would[?] Jan 17[19?]/23
    freehold to one: leasehold to other: adjacent property on McDougall subject to sublease to Reg. J. Moore uglated[?] Vol 962-19.
  7. Affidavit attached stating occupation of James Parsons from 1929-58 by Agnes Parsons from 58-1981.