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Heraldry Links and References

by Miklós Sándorfia

References for SCA Heralds

College of Arms Administrative Handbook
Rules for Submissions
SCA Heraldry Page
Ordinary and Armorial
Letters of Acceptance and Return
Laurel Precedents
Reserved and Prohibited Charges
Basic Conflict Checking

Articles and References


Articles on Medieval Names
Library of the Academy of St. Gabriel
Arval's onomastic bibliography
Problem Name List


COA Glossary of Terms
On Badges
Middle Eastern Heraldry
Arval's armorial bibliography
Period Style: An Introduction
The Heraldry Cliche Checklist
Insta-boing checklist by Argent Snail
Triangular Field Divisions
Symbolism in Armoury (19th century)

Heraldic Art

An Illustrated Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry by James Parker
Heraldic Dictionary at the University of Notre Dame, with art from Fox-Davies.
Heraldry for Scribes is available in part XII of the West kingdom Scribes' Handbook

Flags, Banners, and Heraldic Display

A Cursory Glance at Medieval Flags and Banners by Donna Hrynkiw
Some quick notes on heraldic flags
Flags and Banners section of Herbert Norris's Costume & Fashion, Volume Two 1066-1485, 1927
Introduction to Heraldic Display
Heraldic Display in Ar n-Eilean-ne

Titles, Forms of Address, Precedence

Alternate Titles
East Kingdom Order of Precedence
Other OPs

Vocal Heraldry

Vocal Heraldry: a general overview by Modar Neznanich


Period Tournaments
The Company of St. Michael
King Rene's Tournament Book
Field heraldry article by taran of Windy Hill

Other Article Compilations

Educational Articles
Arval Benicoeur's Place
The Academy of St. Gabriel
Modar's Heraldry Pages
An Tir College of Heralds page
Tempus Peregrinator's heraldry book

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