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Thanks to the Gimp, this roll is gradually being emblazoned. Click on the images to see larger versions. Heraldry is listed in order of passage by the College of Arms, and their blazons are used here, even if they are occassionally, eh-hmm... dubious. Unregistered heraldry is listed after this in order of first use.

Constantine the Varangian
Or, three axes and on a chief sable, three bezants.

Constantine the Varangian, for House Kayell (badge)
Sable, an axe within an orle of mullets of six points argent. (badge)

Lucinda de la Bahia
Purpure, a horse passant within an orle of mullets of six points argent.

Bridget Greywolf of Kayell
Azure, a wolf sejant between three pairs of oakleaves argent fructed Or, leaves to centre.

Ceridwyn ferch Cynddelw ap Tanno Gwynedd
Gules, a Bowen knot set crosswise within an orle of oak leaves Or.

Sebastian Goral
Per bend sinister vert and gules, on a bend sinister argent three winged fish volant sable.

Sebastian Goral (badge)
(Fieldless) A winged fish volant bendwise sinister sable.

Ragnar Arason of Vinland
Gules, a rat sejant erect guardant maintaining a sword and on a chief argent, two ravens close sable.

Jean de Chauliac
Sable, on a plate a unicorn's head couped purpure, and on a chief argent, a decrescent purpure.

Jean de Chauliac (badge)
Sable, on a unicorn's head couped argent, a decrescent purpure.

Gwalchmai Wynber vap Bran
Per chevron argent and vert, two ravens rising addorsed, wings displayed, sable, and a fir tree argent.

Kaththea Ver Kaeysc
Azure, goutté-d'eau, a dragon dormant guardant Or. (not registered)

Donnchadh Freasdlach mac Sheumais
Or, two spears in saltire and on a chief azure a talbot stattant argent. (not registered)

Rufus Fletcher
Or, an arm sinister sable maintaining an axe bendwise sinister and on a chief vert three bells Or. (not registered)

Sorcha O' Murchadha
Quarterly argent and gules a dragonfly counterchanged and on a chief sable three boars heads erased argent langued gules. (not registered)

McMurdo the Tinkerer
Or, three rapiers and on a chief sable three annulets Or. (not registered)

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