Ar n-Eilean-ne

Heraldry of the Citizens

Thanks to the Gimp, this roll is gradually being emblazoned. Click on the images to see larger versions. Heraldry is listed in order of passage by the College of Arms, and their blazons are used here, even if they are occassionally, eh-hmm... dubious. Unregistered heraldry is listed after this in order of first use.

Miklós Sándorfia
Per saltire argent and sable four rustres counterchanged.

Alienor Llanfair
Azure, a chevron inverted ermine between three mullets of eight points, one and two, argent.

Connail MacRaibert
Sable, estoilly argent a bear stattant. (not registered)

Guillaume le Blanc
Per pale argent and purpure, two rapiers hilted of fleur-de-lys inverted in saltire counterchanged. (not registered)

Helena die Winterosen
Vert, a rose within a mascle argent. (not registered)

Donal O'Congaile
Vert, a tower trefly argent. (not registered)

Stefan Fitzgerald
Per pale gules and azure, a quill pen bendwise sinister Or. (not registered)

Liam O Rourke
Argent, three nails sable. (not registered)

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