Some proposed badges for Ar n-Eilean-ne

These have not been checked yet, though the stockfish would pass if considered a separate charge from (in particular) fish. We probably need at least two badges: one to mark shire stuff, and one for people to identify themselves as connected to the shire. The exact purpose of a given badge would probably be decided by curia and by evolving tradition.

1. (fieldless) a tower conjoined to dexter with a wall argent

This "keep" is a key symbol of the shire. It is the primary charge in the shire's arms, but argent instead of sable. It was not normal in period to adopt charges from the arms for badges.

2. (fieldless) a stockfish argent

Made famous in the period arms of Iceland. This charge has not yet been used in the SCA. It is considered appropriate due to our local role since late period as one of the world's greatest suppliers of stockfish - i.e. dried salted cod.


For background on the use of badges, see my articles on Heraldic Display, and Heraldic Display in Ar n-Eilean-ne. The shire standard would be modified to include both badges.

1. A badge for people

One badge would be used for people, to show a connection with Ar n-Eilean-ne. This could be cast into a metallic or enamelled pin, embroided or painted on clothing or other items, included baldrics, used on scrolls, etc.

2. A badge for stuff

We could make stamps and seals with this, so long as we were careful about colour. The idea would be to have something very simple to draw, that could easily be marked on shire property.

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February 2nd, 2001. Andrew Draskóy