Some forgotten history of the shire

There are very few citizens of the shire who were around in the "old days", so I thought I'd toss a few notes on our history onto a web page.


We were the sponsors of the Shire of Lough Devanree which was granted the lands of Ireland, Man, and Rockall. Therein lies a tale!


The Cumail
The Cumail is chosen at the Beltane and Samhain events each year, unless the current Cumail and curia jointly agree to extend the term to a maximum of one year. The choice of a new Cumail is based on some competition held at least partly during the event at which the new Cumail is named, and should encourage participation in several areas of interest. The outgoing Cumail may decide the exact criteria for selection. Major curia officers and the current Cumail may not become the new Cumail. The Cumail has certain regalia passed down through the years. It is the responsibility of each Cumail to pass this on to his successor. The Cumailship is voluntary, and may be declined. If the Cumail holds an Award of Arms, the Cumail may hold court at any shire event.
The Shire Champion
Chosen at the Beltane and Samhain events each year. The winner of the heavy weapons tourney held as part of the Cumail competition, provided she is not on the curia and is not the new Cumail, becomes the Shire Champion.
Pilgrim's Tokens
Visitors who have contributed to the enrichment of the shire are traditionally presented with these tokens. They are made of local stone, small and flat, with a guilt "A" on the front, and a pin for attaching it to clothing.