Andrew Draskóy's Book Page

I like to get just a few really good books on a particular topic. Friends frequently end up ordering these, so here's a place for me to list them, and post reviews. For now it's just a few links to amazon for recommended books. I will eventually expand on this a lot.

Since it's mostly my friends checking out this site, I'll mention that if you order books on-line, please consider getting them from here. I'll get a small commission. The price for you doesn't change, except for usually being cheapest at amazon. For books not listed here: ( | )


For years I've been looking for a good book on graphic design that I could apply to web design in particular. There are thousands of (mostly expensive) books out there, and they're all useless for this. Then along comes this new one. It's perfect (and inexpensive!) and I can't wait to start applying what I've learned.

Rock Climbing

Early Music


My Sea Shanty and Renaissance Dance sites have lots of books and CDs on those topics, as well as related ones like tall ships, costuming, etc.

I've got a list of my favourite Science Fiction books which I'll put here eventually as well.